Bible Study for New Brides

You can study Prayers for New Brides with your church Bible study group, a community group of friends or online with me, Jennifer O. White.

March 16 Bible Study FB Cover

The next online Bible Study of Prayers for New Brides begins March 16 in this Facebook group

All you will need is a copy of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress.

The discussion for the chapters will take place in this Facebook Group. Each weekday, discussion questions for the chapter will be posted in the group. You can respond to the questions in the comments or you can use your own journal to record them.

You do not need to be online at a specific time. You can interact with the questions and the group when it works best for your schedule.

It will be a secret group in order to protect everyone’s privacy and foster trust in leaving comments and prayer requests. So, click here to ask to join the group. But if you can’t see that option, you will need to private message me on Facebook mentioning you want to join the Prayers for New Brides Bible Study. I will add you as a friend and then add you to the Facebook group.

Previous Studies of Prayers for New Brides

In January, I hosted the Prayers for New Brides Bible study in this same Facebook group with 75 ladies (they are eager to meet you). Many are newly married, some are engaged, and some have been married over twenty years. With this online format, we were able to fellowship with wives who may not have an active women’s ministry or Bible study program at their church.

Here are a few comments from the participants:

This chapter is AMAZING! I feel as though it spoke directly to me.. Right where I am. Kristina

“You say my husband never has to earn my love, but I know I haven’t always treated him as such. God forgive me! I need to depend on Christ to use every part of me to love my husband … I’m thankful for this study and a God who doesn’t give up on me.” Michelle

“I am getting married in less than two months and was interested in doing this study in preparation for being the best wife I can be. But I have to say I have been enjoying it more than I anticipated and I thank God so much for presenting this learning and spiritual growth opportunity to me.” Kaley

“You gave me a new perspective on marriage in this chapter (Chapter 2). I had not previously thought of marriage (mine or others) as a reflection on God’s love for the church (even though the Bible says this). I hadn’t looked at marriage as a ‘testimony’.” Michelle

“After this reading, the enemy’s goal is crystal clear– destroy marriages because they have the ability to mirror God’s love for His creation.” Kristina

“As I read tonight I am so thankful that you have shared this book with us Jennifer Odom White! A message straight from God, we are blessed to have found you.” Tiffany

This chapter (Chapter 4) really mad me angry! Not anything to do with the book but the true reality behind the fact that my marriage is under attack! I have seen SO many marriages in just the last few years crumble. … I am even more resolute that Satan will NOT have my marriage! Sarah

You can the endorsements for the book here.

I would love for you to join us for the next study. If you have any questions, send me an email from the Contact page or message me on social media.

You are welcome to create your own online study group using Prayers for New Brides. I would be happy to make a guest appearance if that is something you’d like to incorporate.