What Others Are Saying about Prayers for New Brides:

Your wedding day will forever be an unforgettable time stamp of the pure love God impressed on your heart for your husband. Unfortunately, your wedding day is just that… a day. After vows are spoken and the honeymoon taken, real life as a married couple begins. God’s vision for your marriage is for your love story to be deeply rooted in Him in order to stay deeply in love with your husband. “Prayers for New Brides, Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress” by Jennifer White gives you seeds to begin growing those roots and a love that will last till “death do us part.”

Justin and Trisha Davis
Authors of Beyond Ordinary
RefineUs Marriage Ministry – refineus.org

We usually relate warfare imagery to men, but Jennifer White has done an outstanding job of grabbing the attention of women and calling them to be equipped for the spiritual war taking place over marriage. If prayer really is the overcoating to every piece of armor we wear, then this book will be a mighty weapon in the pocket of any bride, or any groom too. And I can’t think that any potential wedding gift could be more appropriate than equipping couples with prayer prompts for every situation they will face. May God use this book to fight off the enemy of marriages everywhere!

Brandon Cox
Author of Rewired
Pastor of Grace Hills Church and Editor of Pastors.com

“Most women dream of their knight in shining armor: How he steals her heart, throws her onto his horse, and rides her off into the sunset of holy matrimony. What she often forgets is the spiritual battle for that God-honoring relationship. She too needs shining armor on that glorious ride. Jennifer White does a remarkable job helping every new bride adorn herself with the spiritual armor necessary to experiencing a lifelong marriage of joy and influence. This is a must-have gift for every new bride.”

Joshua and Christi Straub
The Connextion Group


New brides plan to say “I do” with hundreds of Pinterest ideas of their perfect wedding and a beautiful home. But have they planned to fight for their marriage? In Prayers for New Brides: Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress, Jennifer White offers every new bride an extensive primer on honoring marriage as the reflection of God’s perfect and enduring covenant with His Church.

Ted Cunningham
Pastor at Woodland Hills Family Church, Branson, Missouri
Author of Fun Loving You

What could be more essential to building a strong and lasting marriage than prayer? In this book, Jennifer White offers practical and practice-able advice. Scripture-rich and full of down-to-earth insight, this will be an asset to any couple embarking on the adventure of marriage, or to those who want to start anew in the marriage they’re in.

It has been my habit each Christmas to add one marriage book to my grown married children’s libraries. This book will be under the Christmas tree for sure.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Executive Director, The Praying Life Foundation
Author of Live a Praying Life and numerous books and Bible studies

Become a Victorious Praying Warrior Bride through this power-packed book. Jennifer White has walked the walk and is now sharing the talk with new brides. You will learn to see your husband as God sees him and to pray for him in ways that will supercharge your marriage. Writing deeply from God’s Word and her own experiences in marriage, Jennifer will inspire you to passionately love God and love your husband on this life-transforming journey.

Lyn Smith, LynSmith.org
Bible activist and speaker.
Author of WORD — Psalm 119: A Study in 22 Meditations and co-author of Think 4:8

Following these principles will save wives time and heartache as they allow God’s transforming power to work in their hearts and marriages.

Robert and Rebecca LeCompte
Robert LeCompte Ministries
Pastors of City of Faith San Diego

There can be little argument about the fact that most little girls create fairy tale thoughts of what it will be like to one day be married. Television, the big screen, and picture books reinforce the “happily ever after” delusion that the hard part is finding a mate, but then all will be well after the wedding day. Yet in today’s society, “’til death do us part” has become more and more a rote stanza in a vow that bears little resemblance to the current reality with divorces on the rise and blended families becoming more the norm. This is in large part due to diminishing numbers of appropriate role models teaching the younger generations how to weather the storms that invariably blow in and out of marriage. The Bible tells us repeatedly to stand firm in faith. In Prayers for Brides, Jennifer White reveals through her own story as well as scripture, how important it is for couples to know how to weather the storms, stand firm in faith, and fight for the most important earthly relationship they will ever experience. Jennifer shares Biblical truths to support the need for brides to know how to be a co-warrior with God through prayer. Prayers for Brides will be my “go-to” gift for all newly married couples!

Dr. Michelle L. Bengtson, Southlake, Texas
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Neuropsychologist

In a day and age where gender roles are being redefined and where the traditional definition of marriage attacked—I’m thankful for books like Prayers for New Brides. This book is grounded in the Gospel, makes much of Jesus and will help women to understand their God-given role in God’s economy. New brides are going to be blessed and challenged by Jennifer’s teaching and her honesty. May God use this book to bring healing to marriages and glory to Himself all throughout the land.

Dave Jenkins
Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries
Executive Editor, Theology For Life

Having known Jennifer for almost twenty years, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she has written such an incredible book for brides. This is more than a book for her, this is her life, her journey. As her pastor I had a front row seat to the work of God in her to heal her and give her a future and a hope which led to her engagement and marriage to my dear friend, David. Some authors are gifted at telling someone else’s story. That is not what this book is. This book is personal and painful, about real life, one with broken hearts and wounded souls. Not everyone rides off in the sunset to live happily ever after, but that is still the goal worth fighting for and Jennifer equips new brides with all they need to fight.

I’ve always believed that marriage doesn’t get better with age, we get better. Marriage makes us better. This book reminds every bride of that process but gives hope that it can begin at “I Do.”

As God uses marriage to change us, others around us catch a glimpse of the gospel story in the beautiful oneness of our lives. As Jennifer says, “your marriage can be a light to the world, a city on a hill where people see God.” So let the praises begin in His church as we hold high the sanctity of marriage. I pray Jennifer’s book finds its way into all our arsenals we use to fight the good fight of faith in the home.

David Uth
First Orlando

Prayer is a powerful and essential weapon for any spiritual arsenal. Writing through the eyes of her own personal battle, Jennifer White does a wonderful job providing insight, wisdom, and a strategic offense for building and protecting marriage. Prayers for New Brides is a must read for any bride hoping to make her marriage the sacred romance she desires.

Angela Bisignano, PhD
Therapist, consultant, and author of Beautifully Gifted:
Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God

In Prayers for New Brides, Jennifer White has captured the essence of where our help comes from. Praying the Scriptures not only brings help and healing but also helps us keep our focus on God and what He wants to do in our lives.

R.G. & Karen Yallaly,
Directors of Marriage Ministry,
Woodland Hills Family Church, Branson, MO

In Prayers for New Brides, Jennifer White helps guide new brides with a real and practical way to respect and honor their husbands with prayer from the start. A bride that knows how to pray for her husband will be a blessing to any marriage.

Steve & Pam Chapman,
Executive Directors, Marriage Encounter Support Foundation,
Supporting United Marriage Encounter Weekends around the world

Prayers for New Brides is a book that inspires and equips new brides in their prayer life. This is one resource I will continually recommend to the many women I serve.

Cherie Zack, Speaker and Wife Coach,
District Director of Women’s Ministries, S. Carolina District Council of the Assemblies of God,
Founder of The Imperfect Wives, and Co-Author of 16-Day Love Challenge