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Hi there! I’m Jennifer O. White and I’m really glad we are getting a chance to meet. Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor After the Wedding Dress is my “God is able to do more than you can ask or imagine” banner and I’m flying it high over brides and wives of every age and stage of life.

Jennifer O. White, author

I am did not write this book because I have life with God and marriage all figured out. I wrote it for you because as a wife, I have learned how much I need God.

Here’s what I know. You have to fight to stay married. And I don’t mean fight each other. In marriage, we have to suit up to fight your own selfish thoughts, expectations, and every social norm that does not honor God and His ways. We have a great God and He has an enemy who wants to distort and ultimately destroy the institution of marriage.

I’m well acquainted with the pain of divorce. My parents divorced when I was in college. My first marriage ended after three short years because I decided there was no hope for us. When I started questioning the permanence of my second marriage, I cried out to God for help and He came to the rescue. In this book, I share how He shepherded me into biblical counseling, Bible studies and the practice of praying His Word. The Imperfect Wives allowed me to tell some of my story in these interviews: Pray the Word & Stand! Your Posture in the Spiritual Battle.

I’m not a Bible scholar. I’m a former social worker and marketing executive who has found God faithful when all the other options failed. David and I have been married eighteen years now. We are quite imperfect and truly happy together. We enjoy laughing and dancing together, often at the same time. We don’t have children together but we dearly love David’s adult children: Deanna, Lance, his wife Chelse and our new granddaughter, Kennedy.

  David and Jennifer Dancing     White Family PictureDavid and Jennifer White

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  1. James L Mikucki

    I read an article of yours on the Bible Study Tools titled “4 Powerful Prayers to Protect Your Marriage from Divorce” dated Thursday, February 26, 2015. I believe what you shared to be true and very beneficial but found the article to be overshadowed by the content of the comments. The greater majority of the 182 comments (dozens of them) are testimonies and links to the websites of spell casters. These abhorrent lies began in early 2016 and continue right up to Saturday, March 11 2017. The sheer volume of them would tend to give credibility to their message to those who are seeking answers familiar to their cultures. I have sent a “Contact us” message to the site about this and am trying to call someone at Salem Media but am running into a menu system that ends in a general voice mailbox.

    I felt you would want to know how your article is being used as a source of enticement to very dark things. If this disturbs you, please contact Salem Media and communicate their need to police the comments on their various sites to protect their witness and the testimonies of their contributors.

    Thank your for your attention to this caution. Should you pursue this matter, would you mind communicating an update on the progress to me?

    James L Mikucki
    3029 Old Route 22
    Hamburg, PA 19526

    1. Post
      Jennifer O. White

      James, Thank you for informing me about the comments on the article. I get those same comments on both of my personal blogs and thankfully discovered a way to screen those out. I will contact Salem Media about it today. I am appreciative of your efforts to help stop this. It is very disturbing isn’t it.

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